A Story about Stories

Do you want your Houfy listing to stand out? One of the many advantages of Houfy, is for owners to use the Stories and Guidebooks functions to create a personal resources for your guests. Many of us have a Welcome Book at our rentals but Houfy Stories and Guidebooks put your best information at your guests fingertips as they are still making their vacation plans. Wondering how to get started with Stories and Guidebooks? Here are a few tips for your success.

Stories vs Guidebooks

Think of your stories as various chapters of your guidebooks. Here you can categorize your articles (stories) into chapters (guidebooks) into topics such as: Welcome, Check In/Check out, FAQs, Local Information, Things to Do, Restaurants, etc. You can have a Guidebook called “Things to Do” and then have multiple stories featuring the various activities you would recommend for your guests. In this example you can see I have a Guidebook called “Welcome” with stories that include “Furnished Items” and "Emergency Contacts". Don’t forget, you can publish one story to multiple guidebooks. Maybe you write an article (story) about a great new restaurant in your area. You may want to publish it into a guidebook for “restaurants” and also in a guidebook you have called “local information.”

A Story about Stories
Welcome/Bienvenido to Vista del Mar
Here you will find all the information you need to prepare for your Mexican Playa Get-Away A Letter to Welcome You

How do I start?

Start with the material you already have created in your welcome book. I took the pages I created for my welcome book and turned them all into Stories, adding pictures and website links to enhance the presentation online. That is jut the beginning. Think about the questions your guests ask you. Think about the questions you had when you first visited the area. Write about your own experiences. Once you get started you will not have a lack of information to share in stories and guidebooks. You will lack in the time to create everything you know can be useful.

A Story about Stories

Be authentic and write your own stories

Chances are you have seen other websites that have articles that highlight your area. Use them for inspiration but DO NOT JUST POST THEIR LINK. You can easily embed a website into your story but doing so without your own content is pure plagiarism and a misrepresentation of the author of the original article, without the owner's consent. The best time to add a link to another website is when you want to send the guest to the direct information. For example, in this story I have written my own article about excursions in The Riviera Maya, Mexico. These are my own articles about my own experiences or my personal research. When writing about a specific location that has it’s own website, embed a link to that website. What I clearly have not done is I have not created a story with just a link to someone else’s article, thus making it look like the article was created by me in a Houfy story.

A Story about Stories
For the more adventurous
Looking for some adventure in the Riviera Maya? Here are some great options for you. Soliman Bay Tours Soliman Bay Tours is an excellent, reputable group who have a number of excursions to choose from. Gilmer's crew are the most hospitable group and give their guests a great experience.

How do I get my guests to see my stories?

Many people are not yet familiar with the Houfy platform. When you have a guest you direct to Houfy for their booking, upon confirming their booking, send them a message, telling them about your guidebooks and stories. Tell them to check them out as they are planning their vacation. Welcome their questions and suggestion for other stories. Did they ask a question that wasn’t in a story?...That’s your next story topic. Your guests, especially those who like to research and plan, will love your guidebooks and will let others know how helpful they were. The story and guidebook features within Houfy will truly set your listing and the Houfy platform apart from all others.

A Story about Stories
Vista del Mar at Marea34 - Gonzalo Guerrero
Spacious and clean, Vista del Mar is a newly-built 1200 sq ft condo with 2 private balconies has everything you could hope for in a Playa escape. The rooftop deck features an infinity pool with 180° ocean views is perfect for lazy days and festive nights.