In 2006 we backpacked for 6 months traveled around the world, we also drove across the great America when it was just two of us ;) When there were no cell phones, no GPS handy like nowadays, every stop on the way was an adventure!!

With our kiddos, we took them visiting Taiwan, Poland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, Qatar, Canada and many beautiful states in the US. When kiddos are ready, we are going to another round-the-world trip!!

National Parks we have been: 20 parks.
-In 2017 summer, We drove through 8 states and visited 16 national parks, we also witnessed a total solar eclipse at the Great Smoky Mountains.
-In 2018 summer, we drove through 5 states and visited 4 NP: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Great Sand Dune and Rocky Mountain.


We love mountain, ocean and animals. Simplicity is our style. Family is our priority.

We maintain distance for those seeking privacy and who are self-sufficient, bu