Giovanni Iezzi

I´m an Italian person who lived 8 years in Argentina, introverted, shy, intelligent, nice, realistic, gentlemanly, polite.
I´m absolutely legal in da Kingdom of Spain.
I´m likin´ poetry, romantic ballads in castilian, catalan, portuguese, french, italian & english (da other musical genres don´t belong 2 me).
I´m a neat guy, I like 2 talk about different topics, laugh, movies & original subtitled series, exotic restaurants, read history, politics & chronicles, computer science, technology (I´m a computer literate 4 X64 Fast Ring Custom Suite Preview Windows 10 Professional & MS Office 2019 & passionate about Android 9), da etymology of languages, museums & much more.
I like art in all its forms; I dislike goin´ shopping, I prefer tourism´s travelling.
Political trends: modern left on Marxism basis & background.
I dislike clubbing (usually I dislike nite life).
Food habits: white meat (pork is red) roast, vegetables, fresh or boiled.
I hate eatin´ fried.
And more