As for staying with us, we request you please have your dogs nails trimmed before arrival.

If you're flying, know that there are bowls, beds and other doggie amenities available. We'd be working with you so as to make sure "Fido" has food on hand and will be comfy.

If you're driving, you're likely bringing your own bowls and beds etc. but there's more on hand.

**Glenn House Only** There's also large and small rugs available should you want those. I keep them more as dog rugs as it became such a problem cleaning them and getting all the fur out between guests that did and didn't have dogs. Instructions where to find them are in the Handy Dandy Manual!

**Glenn House Only** The backyard is very safe for all size dogs. Of course, we can't guarantee they can't escape but you'll see that this would be a difficult proposition for even those escape artists some of you have! We do NOT recommend ever leaving any dog unattended in the front yard. It is not secure and any passerby could also simply unlatch the gate and run off with your dog. It's also just a short picket fence that many dogs could easily get out from. Don't let a happy vacation become a tragedy.

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