Evelyn Endersby

We call our condo Million Dollar View PCB. “We” are brother and sister. I have made my home in Ohio and my brother has made his home in Alberta Canada. We are both approaching retirement age and wanted a place that we could spend some winter months, away from the brutal weather. This year we decided to take the leap and buy a place that we could rent out to help pay for it, but still have weeks where we could enjoy the beach. My son is a local, and he knew exactly which condominium was the best. It is the sugar-white beaches of Schooners (the last local beach club right next door to Seychelles) where he and his friends always choose to go. Still, I wanted to be sure, so we looked at a dozen or more in this general location. Not one had a view that even compared. It was the view that won me over and made this condo the only choice. Not just the obvious choice, but the ONLY choice. It is our dream to spend time here and share it with you as well. We hope you will choose to book with us and then while you enjoy our second home, you will take care of it with the same care you would your own. Thank you for choosing our Million Dollar View “beach house”. You will not be disappointed.

Brand New, CLEAN and beautiful inside, but the very best views from this high rise suite. This view is the reason we chose to purchase #2109 in September of 2017. We have remodeled the space and changed up the color scheme and purchased all new furnishings. (All of the Tommy Bahamas monkeys, elephants and pineapples are going away!) Our new color scheme is a light airy turquoise to compliment the beautiful emerald color of the water that is all around in the view. We have upgraded speeds on the free Wifi and our condo and building are recommended for families.

This bird's eye view allows us to see the marine life in the water. Dolphins and Rays and school of various species. I love feeling like I am living in the Heavens. So far above the surrounding rooftops it is like we are in a space that is totally private. No need to draw the shades and block out the view. This suite is far from the elevators and trash chute so we NEVER even hear another person. It is the best spot in the world and I have been in my share of wonderful places.