Erik Halvardsson

7 years ago on December 5th (the Kings birthday) I arrived in Bangkok. I fell in love with this city almost immediately. Bangkok symbolizes all the excitement, craziness and mystery that is Asia. I have lived in Asia since I was 12 but no city is as addictive to me as Bangkok is. This place is the full flavor of the Asian experience, and even with the buzz of a big city I have never felt anything but safe here. I have seen and done almost everything in Bangkok and I can't get enough, this is not a city that easlily bores you.

My interests and work all involve eating, cooking and experiencing the good things in life, I am constantly searching for new places to eat, street food to enjoy and cool places to share time with friends or making new ones. I am interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle and having as good of a time as possible. Bangkok is well suited in that regard as the possibilities here are endless.