Emma Joyston-bechal

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Emma is the founder of Camp Adounia, and connects with guests and organizes Morocco holidays and itineraries. Emma creates wellness programs for retreats, manages logistics for all Morocco tours from Marrakech to Sahara or the Beach.

Emma has felt connected to Africa her whole life. Born in Uganda and growing up Nigeria, her father was a inspector of schools throughout her childhood. Upon returning to the UK as a young girl, Emma had been itching to return to Africa her entire life.

Emma moved to Morocco in 2004 and opened Riad Zamzam in the Marrakech medina. Shortly after she began running wellness retreats and programs at the riad, incorporating her culinary skills and passion for wellness, creating magical healing experiences. Eventually Emma began incorporating an adventure to Sahara in her programmes, which she found took the healing of the experience to a whole new level. After being so inspired by Sahara and the inner peace it provided, Emma decided to create her own camp. Adounia was created with the intention of operating in integrity and consciousness, respecting the environment while providing beautiful adventures for all her clients.