Our family is interested in gardening, fishing, photography, music and generally being near the ocean. In our travels, we discovered Kauai is perfect for these activities. Some family members call Kauai home, others of us visit as often as we can.

We visited Kauai a number of times before our decision to purchase Hale Kokio in 2006. The property was in the perfect location, showcased the natural beauty of North Shore Kauai, in a neighborhood that was developing in authentic island style. The grounds were so pretty and the design was perfect for additional planting and cultivation. We decided that Hale Kokio was just the place for us. Entertaining and opening our homes to wide circles of friends have been central to our family culture. Offering Hale Kokio as a Kauai vacation rental cottage just came naturally.
We are known for taking great care of our guests. Finding a place to stay in Kauai is a big peice of planning a stay in paradise. Talk to us about Hale Kokio. Call us