Douglas Wasmuth

I am happy that you are wanting to learn something about the person you are considering doing business with. Purchasing off of the internet can be a daunting experience, especially with so much money and international borders involved. I too want to know about the people I am dealing with before turning over our home or one of our neighbor's homes to someone. Let's start by telling you a little about me... and this business 'Brisa Caribe' which I have created.

I am the owner of the villa Brisa Caribe and business of the same name. I am a Canadian citizen by birth but have also proudly held a Mexican passport since 2007. I have been fortunate enough to travel to, and live in, numerous countries around the world before making Puerto Aventuras Mexico my permanent home.

To learn more... please visit my web site where more details about me, my business and the many beautiful properties that I handle as a rental agent.