Dominic Venticinque

Hi there!

Thank you for considering a stay at our home.

We initially purchase it as a vacation home, and had no plans to rent it out. However, it bothered me to no end that it sat vacant, during the times we were unable to use it. It was also a tremendous drain on our budget. Lakefront homes are not cheap in Towamensing Trails!

So, after 2 years of constantly badgering my wife to allow me to rent it, she reluctantly agreed in 2008. :-) A funny thing quickly happened—she began to really enjoy hearing how much our guests enjoyed everything our property has to offer. Furthermore, she enjoyed that others were helping to foot the bills. We keep our rates as low as we can.

To this day, we thoroughly enjoy reading about all the positive experiences our guests have had. We love that others can make the precious memories that we continue to make up at the lake.

Thank you again for considering a stay at our home!

Very Best Regards,
Dominic, Stacy, Super Dom, & Eva