We have enjoyed the mountains as a quiet, relaxing retreat for many years of our marriage. This home was our favorite home that we stayed in for its gorgeous views and mile high tranquility. When we noticed it was listed for sale, we decided to purchase it.
We chose to purchase this home over the others mainly for the views and the quaint feel. I am a sucker for a sunset and one of the first sunsets won hands down as being the prettiest I had ever seen. With the wooden interior walls and ceiling, we liked that it felt like a rustic mountain home. The cool summer was ideal for us. The open deck with the hot tub was a factor in our decision because I prefer to feel a little sunshine while I soak or even view the stars, which wouldn't work on a covered deck. The lot was not as steep as many others. I liked the paved driveway. I liked the big wooden island in the kitchen and the rock floors. We enjoyed the privacy of the home with the established trees.... yet close to town. And, last but not least, we liked the area and people of Banner Elk. Now, I can't imagine being any where else when I think of going on a retreat. We love Point of View!
Now, we hope to share it with others and offer them the same great experiences.