You want what?

So I've had a rush of blood to the head, followed by a huge rush of cash from my bank account and turned (well my husband Mark turned) our basement, store rooms into a holiday rental unit. Thankfully it is self contained with its own private entrance, so we dont have everyone trapsing through our home.

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Having to deal with a wide variety of strangers turning up, with their different needs and values takes a little getting used to, but you soon develop a thick skin. I list on airbnb and am just trying to build up a fund of decent reviews. This can be a trial in itself as airbnb ask guest what we could do to make their experience better. This encourages negetive comments and ratings, so the newbie should be ready for that.

Our last customer raved about the apartment and even booked again. However when she was asked what we could have done better, she responded by saying we could have provided robes and slippers - then she marked us down for not doing so! - its that kind of nonsense you just have to swallow so hopefully Houfy will be a tonic...

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