For many years, we searched the Mountains for the perfect vacation home, where our family and friends could gather for generations to come. Unable to find it, we bought a vacant lot in the Big Springs area of the Northstar Resort (Truckee, California). A year round resort built on the side of Mt. Pluto, Northstar had a reputation for being the most family friendly place in the Sierra. A reputation, we soon learned, that was well earned and deserved.

We then set out to design and build our ideal mountain getaway, always keeping in mind the needs of our boys and of our friends, who we knew would join us often in Tahoe. That’s why there are four king bedroom suites, along with a queen suite, and bunk rooms - 15 beds in total, comfortably able to sleep 21. And, while Northstar and the Tahoe Area already provide ample hours of activities and entertainment, we wanted our home to be a gathering point after the day on the Mountain or on the Lake ended. So, you we dedicated over 1,000 s.f. to an amazing game room, complete with professional quality amenities - shuffleboard, ping pong, billiards, foosball, pinball, poker table, etc...

And, over the years, we have continued to invest in the home’s maintenance and expansion. Even today, it looks as good as it did when we finished construction in 2008. Our most recent investment was a 1,000 s.f. lower deck made of heart redwood from Northern California. This deck is attached to an existing 400 s.f. patio and it triples our outdoor living space, and provides guests with more entertainment and activity options.

Our 60+ five star reviews on vacation rental sites speak to the fact that our guests appreciate the home as much as we do. So, the next time you are looking for a place where your friends and your family can gather to create lasting memories, look no further than Silver Fox at Northstar.