Hiking in Palm Springs

There are dozens of hiking trails all around Palm Springs, most of them just a few minutes away from town.

A good moderate hike with wonderful views is Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs. The entry is at the end of Mesquite towards the mountain off of S. Palm Canyon. There is an admission fee of $12.50 adults/$6 children under 12, and there are guides if you like.

Another great place to hike and explore is Indian Canyons in south Palm Springs. There is an admission fee of $9/$5. One of my favorite hikes is the Murray Canyon Trail just after you enter the admission gate. It starts off flat and open, then winds through a beautiful canyon to the “seven sisters” falls which run in the spring and early summer. If you take the main road all the way back, there is a trading post and many hikes through an oasis and along the creek.

Good (and free) local hikes can be found in the book “140 Hikes in and near Palm Springs” by Philip Ferranti. A copy of the book is supplied in the condo for your use. For a energetic walk with great views of the city there is the Rimrock Trail across the street from the condo, which is mostly a fire road but offers nice elevated views of the city.

Recommendation: Hiking in Palm Springs can be deceptively dangerous in warmer weather. Between May and October, it is strongly advised to hike with a buddy, and always carry a lot of water. Sadly, one or two people die every year on the trails less than a mile from town because they get dehydrated and disoriented. The nature here is amazing, but it’s best to be aware and be safe.

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