Carol Prather

I am a recently retired U.S. Naval officer currently teaching at the Naval War College. I am fortunate enough to have excellent support staff for the house in Albuquerque.

I am a fan of the blend of cultures, terrain, climate, and cuisine in New Mexico. The way the air smells, sharply blue sky, fab food, great people, public art. People are friendly and real. I like the vibe these things impart, and I like Albuquerque in particular. Thinking ahead to life following active naval service, I was delighted by the opportunities the Old Town House represented, even though I was stationed overseas at the time I happened across it. Since I love New Mexico as much as I love to travel, I thought it would be the perfect eventual home plate and launching pad for all sorts of adventures. It has turned out that my Navy life has continued on past retirement from active duty service. So I continue to enjoy sharing the Old Town house with people who seem to enjoy Albuquerque as much as I do!