Where Do I Update Pet Fees and Pet Requirements?

Guests love to bring their furry friends on vacation with them.  If you have a pet-friendly property, let guests know if you have any specific pet requirements. There are tow pricing options to choose from:  Pet fee per night, or a flat "Per stay" charge.  Of course you can always opt for a gratis pet policy.

  1. Log into your dashboard.
  2. Click on profile pic in upper right corner.
  3. Click on My Listings.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Pricing tab.
  6. Click Rates & Fees.

Scroll down to the Additional Pricing Options section.  Type your pet requirements into the Pet friendly field.  This text will show under the Suitability section on your listing.  Click Yes

After clicking Yes, you will see the two options.  Note: click on Per stay tab in order for the Per pet option to be displayed. Be sure to select maximum number of pets allowed and whether the fee is taxable.

To see the changes on the listing's traveler view, scroll down to your listing's Suitability section, and you'll see a green check mark is next to Pets Allowed, and the requirements you entered earlier. 

Guests can now select the number of pets from the drop down menu, and the rate will be calculated in their total. 

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