Russian Chapel Hills Winery is a 29 minute drive from A Touch of Luxury Cabin: near Mill Spring and Lake Lure. The winery is located in close vicinity to Over Brook Mountain Vineyards, and also to Mountain Brook Vineyards; easy to visit all three within the same day. Do not be intimidated by the onsite dogs who may greet you upon arrival; they may be large, however, they are very friendly. Before you leave the vineyard, be sure to take a walk to see the chapel. Andrey, the owner built the St. Anna Chapel in commemoration of his fallen comrades when he served in the military. Grab a seat in the tasting room and listen to his fascinating story. When I visited, it was early so I had his undivided attention. He is very proud of his wines and don't be afraid to ask him any questions if you are new to wine tasting. You also can order a partial wine tasting. For those of you may not like red wines, you can pay just for the white ones, and vice versa. I highly recommend a visit here. Check out Andrey's website for contact information and upcoming events.

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