How to use the Favorites List on Houfy

One of the best parts of planning a vacation, is choosing where to stay!  The Favorites feature let's you organize lists for all of your upcoming trips.  Then easily add properties whenever it suits you. In addition to trip planning, you can use Favorites when researching For Sale properties, and when sharing other Houfy members' listings. Create your lists during your property search, or create them ahead of time.  Let's begin with a property search.

When you come across a listing that interests you, just click the heart icon in the top right corner.

OR if you're already viewing the listing, click the heart icon to the left. 

The Save to Favorites Pop-up window will appear. Click Create New Favorite List.

Now give your Favorites list a name and click SaveNote: Keep in mind if you share your saved list with others, they will be able to view what you named it.

My new list now appears, and I can continue creating more lists from here. 

The same property can be saved to multiple lists.

When it's time to share your Favorites, just copy/paste the URL to share the list. Or click on the individual listing to share one listing.

Now I can reply to an ISO (in search of) request with one of my Favorites list, and this is what it looks like on Facebook.

I have some Favorites lists with just one listing, like this.  Notice what I named this list. It helps me to associate which Houfy member, has which property.

Or maybe I just want to share a single property in the list, in one of my Book Direct groups.  I can do this by clicking the Share tab to the left, or by using the icons to the right. Of course I can always type the person's property number after too.

And this is what it looks like when I share a single listing in a Facebook group. 

When it's time to remove a property from your list, first click the heart icon

Then click the heart next to each list where you want it removed.

When it's time to delete an entire Favorite list, first click the X in the corner.

Then the Remove favorite Pop-up window appears.  Click Yes.

Initially our Favorites list was created via a property search.  But you can create multiple lists ahead of time.  Click on your profile pic in upper right corner.  Then click Favorites.

Click Create a favorite list.

In the Create a favorite list window, name your list.  Click Save.  And then repeat the same steps as above.  

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