How to Bookmark a Story to a Guidebook

Stories are saved to Guidebooks. A Guidebook is a collection of similar Stories. You can save ANY Houfy member's story to your own Guidebook.

Pull up your Story. Click the bookmark icon or Save link.

The "Save to Guide" Pop-up window will appear.  Check the box next to one or more guidebooks. Or click on "Create a new guidebook." 

When creating a new guidebook, this Pop-up window will appear.

Name your guidebook and fill out the description.  Select your wording based on whether your guide will be private or public.  Only you (or people you give the link to) can view your private guidebooks. I am going to call my guidebook "Story Ideas" and describe it as "Ideas for my Houfy stories"

Select "Lodging" or "Real Estate."  (Real estate is for properties listed for sale on Houfy).  Now start typing in a location and a drop down menu will appear.  Select the location that you would like this guidebook to be listed under.

Click the drop down arrow next to "What kind of guidebook is this?" Choose the category that best describes your guide, or select "Other" if none are close.  You don't have to choose a category. Houfy will add more category options later.  I have chosen "Other" since this is just a private guide for myself.

Now click "Add a photo" if you would like to add a photo to the face of your guide. This is optional.

You will now see this Pop-up window. Click "Add Photo" and upload a photo from your computer.

This blue bar appears while your photo is uploading.  

The "Create a guide" Pop-up window will now show with your new photo. You may need to scroll down to view and select the "Privacy" settings options.

Select whether this guide will be "Private" or "Public" and Save.

After saving, your guides will appear along with your new guide at the bottom. You can see there is a lock icon on my private guides.

If you would like to create guides before needing to bookmark a story, you can do that also.   Click on profile pic in upper right corner. Then click Guides.

Click the "Create a guide" link and you will see the "Create a Guide" Pop-up window as shown earlier.  Then follow same steps as above. 

Help Guide for more information about creating posts/stories.

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