How do I find my host referral link?

After Clicking the Sign up to earn points link, recipient will be directed to the main sign up page.

Carl And Bridget
2 years ago
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  1. Click top right down arrow to display Drop-down Menu>Refer & Invite>Refer Hosts.
  2. Copy URL link and send directly or click Share button.

There are several ways to share your link from Houfy.

If sending via email, the recipient will receive this.

What Can Someone Do With Points?  

Nothing at the moment.  Houfy is currently running tests to see what works and what doesn't.  There may be future opportunities to use points for things such as having your property featured for a short period of time, etc.  

New Host Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started on Houfy Checklist
Listing your property for FREE on Houfy! - a marketplace where members can book and connect directly, without paying service fees. Houfy is a 100% word of mouth book direct movement, giving owners back control. Here are a few reasons why you should join Houfy: Connect a Stripe or Square account on Houfy and receive payment right after booking.

Invite Friends, Family, and Guests to Houfy

How Do I Invite Family, Friends and Guests to Houfy?
Log into your dashboard. Click on Profile Pic in upper right corner. Then click Invite Friends. There are several ways to share your invite link: Copy your referral link and paste in an email/post, etc. Enter the recipient's email address. Click Share. Then click Refer. Click Share to invite through facebook.

Houfy Help Guide for Vacation Rental Owners
Help guide for Houfy members Easy Tips for Marketing Your Houfy Listing

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