Bob McDonald is part owner and property manager for Sonoma Farmhouse which includes Sonoma Farmhouse Town and Sonoma Farmhouse Ranch house in Sonoma. Bob has been managing Sonoma Farmhouse since 2004.

Bob's background and education is in Urban Planning and Landscape Design. He has a local landscape design business, and has professionally landscaped and lovingly maintained each of the Sonoma Farmhouse properties.

Bob is active in Sonoma, volunteering for the City of Sonoma Planning Commission, and is a member of the Sonoma Chamber of Commerce, the Sonoma League for Historic Preservation and the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau. Bob makes sure that every property detail is taken care for your visit at Sonoma Farmhouse, including the maintenance and production of Sonoma Farmhouse brand wines. Please enjoy a complimentary bottle of this wine from Sonoma Farmhouse during your visit.