Does Houfy have "service/booking/guest booking" fees?

Bob Air
Last modified: 2 years ago

Hi there, well this is really confusing. Houfy doesn't charge any of these fees?

I tried to find out more on their website, but can't find anything. It is really weird. I heard some people saying: those guys making that site come from another planet, it just the two of them with a bunch of homeowners in a facebook group .. I could only find a promise somewhere..

Does Houfy have

Houfy Promise:

Houfy is committed to providing a property listing service today and forever. The Houfy listing service shall:

  1. Never require any booking fee transactions between owners and guests.
  2. Never require platform only communication by blocking owner or guest contact information to hinder or obscure direct communications.
  3. This promise shall permanently remain in our corporate terms and conditions for site use, today and into the future through any merger or acquisition.
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Last modified: 2 years ago
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