Hi everyone, remember me? I'm Julie the influencer!

Tip 1) Educate your followers to share your posts and NOT just like them; this is a 2 click process instead of 1, liking is easy! It's a Facebook thing and now it seems everyone likes everyone's posts.. Now the harts are popping up. I prefer harts! LOVE it, I loved your post, your post was lovely..

I like it, I like you, you like me, we all like each other. I love you liking me! I like you loving me.. Oops! Maybe we should call it "Louf" at Houfy 😂😂

Did you louf it yet? I loufed your place! sooo coool! and added it to my favorites for next time! Indeed Houfy has favorites as well!

Houfy Loufs: Loufy, Loufed, Louf it and all the other Loufies!

Loufs Julie!

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