Hi Everyone, I'm an "influencer" and I control things, like large social groups on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am the one to be friends with! I'm like super social Julie!

I own rental homes, but did not list on Houfy yet, as I have no clue what those guys are doing. It is a real mystery. I know many people in our industry and I have some great plans for our industry. Together with some real good friends we are creating small groups to discuss what can be done with our industry. Like a mission!

We will be having a BBQ next Tuesday again to further discuss the numerous options we have for our industry. Our industry is looking great! We have #bookdirect day coming up next year and I am sure we can all share our places to get the word out for our industry. Education on "service fees" is slow but moving forward as well!

Next week we, together with some really known industry leaders, we'll host a special about our newly to be built tips sheet for Vacation Rental Owners. Please join us for a low fee of $6.99 per user.

Houfy, I will wait until they start charging I think, if they ever will... Let me discuss this with my friends, industry leaders, they are all very knowledgeable about these things. I'll inform you all what we discussed so we can give our opinions on Houfy based on our discussions and if we haven't figured it out, we might hold a "flog" for just $12.99 and discuss it further. Of course we will invite you to join us. The first 10 minutes will be free.

We will "pause" our flog after 10 minutes, to give you a breather and resume for an additional fee of $9.99 for you to hear the complete flog.

All revenue will go to our good cause to promote our industry, mission (whatever that might be) and bbq's we tend to organize.

Hmm - And if you really want to join those guys at Houfy - do it smart and do it in 10 seconds with this link:

I'm Julie, a social influencer and did NOT list on Houfy yet!
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Thanks everyone,


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