Please be advised Houfy does NOT market your property. We simply do NOT have the funds for this. Houfy is a rapidly growing community of mostly homeowners who wish to book direct and connect direct with their guests to save on inflated service fees.

Please review your listing and try to update the following below.

  • Review your listing name and description
  • Check your pictures & quality
  • Check your pricing. Is this updated?
  • Check your calendar. Did you correctly sync with other platforms?
  • Is your Houfy listing completed and active on the marketplace?
  • Connect to stripe or square and start accepting direct payments online
  • Research Houfy collections and posts. Start writing and sharing local information with your family/friends/previous guests
  • Connect your Houfy listing on Facebook & Google maps
  • Use the Houfy widgets for your own website
  • Study the owners who get bookings!
  • MARKET YOUR HOUFY LISTING(S) ONLINE - in Facebook Groups etc.
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