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Feb 6 is #BookDirect Guest Education Day. At Houfy #Bookdirect Day is every day.

We will be holding a contest: Monday February 4 - Sunday February 10

Please join the others in the vacation rental industry and let your past and prospective guests know that there are many advantages to booking directly with you by sharing your Houfy listing by email, social media, video, and/or any other creative idea you can think of!

For more information click on this link below: (22 prices from 25$ to 750$)

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Chance to win Amazon gift certificates at Houfy
Most viewed listings per ip for the week Feb 4-10 2019! It will be #Bookdirect day on February 6th 2019 Hi everyone, at Houfy, #bookdirect is every day.. However: early February 6th= #Bookdirect day! We will be holding our 2nd Contest for Houfy: Who...

To participate: you will need to have a verified listing.

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Please review your listing to see if you have a green checkmark
Is your listing Houfy verified? Add your Airbnb or VRBO link: 80-90% of VRBO/AIRBNB listings are verified. No need for Houfy to ask for further docs - We do not show these links on your listing. Or: Add your homepage/Facebook other link where we can...

Monthly Planning | February 2019

  1. Test Destination site 1) Playa del Carmen
  2. Multi-room properties / Real Estate
  3. API Houfy for property mgrs.
  4. Layout Social Homepage logged in/out

Monthly Planning | January 2019

  1. Write Story: Save and import
  2. Embed fix small issues
  3. Fix - edit profile/settings /verifications and notifications
  4. Review on edit/view listing: Amenities/Activities & Family friendly
  5. check results and filter after item 4.
  6. API (Houfy - OR) - sync calendars/pricing/pics etc.
  7. E-mail members to finish their listings (Deadline April 1) & send square connected members an e-mail. - IP members, with cookie policy
  • Edit Story/View Story layout change - done
  • Fixed Square token renewal - done (20 members - need to update)

Year Recap | 2018

We have improved the Houfy user interface significantly, upgraded to React version 16 and eliminated many small bugs in our system. Adding/Editing and Viewing listings has become simpler and the results pages on our vacation rental aadvertising platform show exact pricing or a range from lowest to highest price depending on the search parameters. Houfy mobile has also seen many improvements the last year.

We are listening to all your requests and suggestions for Houfy and continue to focus on our product/site. We expect 2019 to see as many improvements as you might have seen during 2018.

We exceeded our 2018 Target of 2500 completed listings by 203 listings: Actual: 2703

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Updates can be found here: This list gets updated daily around 6.30 PM ET

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Houfy - Completed Listings
Join Houfy to get on the map! Backup your listing from Airbnb & VRBO in seconds. Houfy is FREE and being developed to promote DIRECT bookings and communication.

Below a few examples of developments done to Houfy during 2018:

  • Embed: Codes to add the Houfy calendar/Reviews/Pricing and Guides to your own website
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Houfy and embed codes: for Calendar/Reviews/Pricing and Guides
We have added some easy codes for you to embed Houfy data to your own site. Calendar: 3 Month: The "xxxx" would be your listing number.. 12 Month: <iframe style="overflow:hidden;display:block;margin:0...
  • Reordering posts within guides, photo's at your listing and guides has become a lot easier:
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Reordering photos, guides & posts on Houfy
To reorder your uploaded photos on your listing, select a photo and drag it where you'd like it to go. Your first photo will appear in search results and will be the largest image displayed at the top of your listing. Reordering Guides Similar as...
  • Connected stripe/square direct payment & integrated in our Booking system
  • New layout Houfy social
  • Reviews (Add/export etc.)
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How to add reviews from my website to Houfy?
1) Go to your listing 2) Click rating You will be redirected to the screen below, select Month, select reservation (If no reservation, please see the 3rd screenshot) Add reservation.
  • Invite friends:
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Invite your friends to Houfy
Invite your friends or other owners to Houfy and earn points when they sign up or add listing(s).

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Get started with Google Analytics for your Houfy account including your listing
Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. We have connected Houfy for you to track analytics for all your Houfy activity. (Including post/guide/listing...
Add Your Place to Houfy
Create your listing, promote and connect with guests directly.
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