Barbara Szymkowiak

I am originally from Poland but I love lifestyle by the sea in Egypt. I am a well traveled cosmetologist and Kitesurfing lover who wants to share my knowledge of Dahab to tourists. I relocated to Dahab since ten years ago. I love art, photography, animals, food and the calm and sublime landscape of the Sinai coast. I have 2 apartments available for rent in Dahab , so if one is booked please look for the others, Studio & Villa both are only ten minute walk to the center of Dahab. Basically, I want you to have a good time in Dahab, go to my favorite restaurants and soak up the beauty and relaxation that Dahab has to offer. I also have great contacts for anything to do with Kitesurfing/Freediving or boat hire, so make sure to ask me about that if you are interested.