My husband and I have owned the Bluewater Star beach house for 12 years. We designed and built it with our family of four in mind when our two boys were tiny. They are now 12 and 15 years old. We take extreme pride in the fact that our home is one of the most popular rental homes in Surfside beach and we believe there is not another home that is comparable to ours in both looks and in the features and amenities we provide our guests. We have numerous folks who return to our home year after year because we meet and exceed expectations. Our home is meticulously maintained because my husband is a home repair and remodeling person with his own business. We live in Houston, less than an hour away, and frequently stay in our home to make sure that any maintenance items not mentioned by our guests can be taken care of. In the event that an issue needs our attention while it is occupied with guests, if we can't get a repair person down there within a few hours, my husband goes down there himself to take care of the issue.