We are a family of 4, we first visited the island when our children were young, (they are now in their early twenties) and have seen them grow up enjoying the freedom and safety of this beautiful island - there is something for everyone! As with all our guests we work very hard and are restricted to definitive holiday periods, so we try and make everyday count for our guests by sharing the knowledge that we have built up over the last 10 years. We visit Sardinia regularly throughout the year so keep a close eye on the property so it is well maintained. We try and make the whole holiday decision making and booking as easy and painless as possible. So from the moment someone chooses to holiday in our property the fun starts! Check out our accolades - they speak for themselves.

After spending two great holidays on the island we succumbed to 'Sardiniaitis', and had to buy our own property to be able to go and escape as often as possible. We choose this area as we fell in love with the North East coast, but wanted to be close to the airport (only 15 minutes) and to the year round facilities of Olbia. Our village, Pittulongu is in a fantastic area with great beaches and amenities. We know there is nothing worse than staying somewhere and finding cupboards locked or cluttered with the owners belonging. So we lock all our possessions away in the third bedroom, so the apartment is uncluttered. This enables our guests to treat the property as if it is their 'own bolt hole'. The most beautiful time is out of season May/June and September/October.