Hello fellow travelers and beach lovers! During the real estate boom I saved this little, decrepit 1951 cottage by the sea from being bulldozed by home builders that wanted to add another huge rental machine to the Outer Banks. Everyone thought I was crazy and some days I thought the same!

The cottage had been neglected for years so I started the long process of reviving it to it's former self. I replaced the roof, the plumbing, windows and the electrical system. I tore out walls and found 2 time capsules from the 1960's! I updated the kitchen, added a washer/dryer and refinished most of the 65 year old wood floors, just to name a few of the projects accomplished!

It has been a labor of love, a serious learning experience in "This Old House" improvements and all in all a beautiful/crazy adventure creating wonderful place for my guests to make memories.

I have lived on the Outer Banks for 20 years and am very passionate about the natural beauty of the area. I adore helping my guests find a great restaurant, cool activity or just a peaceful spot to watch an amazing sunset over the water and love sharing my little cottage with so much beach history with others.