Local Recommendations

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Restaurants We Love

Pine Grove Deli (Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 5 min walking distance)

Ale Pie Pizza (5 min walking distance)

Biscotti's (Lunch and dinner, 15 min walk to the Shoppes at Avondale)

Metro Dinner on Roosevelt (Breakfast and lunch, 5 min drive)

Whit's Custard (15 min walk to the Shoppes at Avondale)


The Shoppes at Avondale


Keg and Coin (Arcade Bar)

River and Post (Rooftop bar)


Go Tuk'n (Micro transit option to get from Avondale to Riverside)

Things to Do

Riverside Arts Market (Farmer's Market 10 min drive)

Fishweir Park (Large field, basketball courts, baseball field and playground)

Boone Park & New Boone Park (Trail, creek, tennis courts and 2 playgrounds within 5 min walk)

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Last modified: 2 years ago
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